Links of the Week

Lesley U. adjuncts vote to unionize
Lesley University adjuncts voted to form a union affiliated with SEIU, becoming the second group of Boston-area adjuncts to do so.—Inside Higher Education

CFHE statement on the UIC faculty strike
Last week, faculty unions and supporters including CFA issued statements of solidarity with the 2-day strikers at UIC. CFHE sent a statement of support and comment about what is happening to faculty across the U.S.—Campaign for the Future of Higher Ed

Public Radio Podcast: Today on Your Call: How is the corporatization of higher education affecting teachers?
Maria Maisto, adjunct English teacher and president of the New Faculty Majority, is among guests featured on the podcast, which examines how colleges are hiring part-time teachers to save costs and the impacts on higher ed.—KALW-FM

San Jose ruling on pensions could have ripple effect
A landmark ruling the invalidates key parts of San Jose’s voter-approved pension cuts will prohibit the ity from forcing employees to contribute significantly more toward their pensions but allows the city to cut salaries to offset increasing pension costs. —San Jose Mercury News

AFL-CIO calls on states, feds to restore public higher ed funding for the good of the country
Post-secondary training and education should be more accessible and funding for public higher ed increased, according to the AFL-CIO.—AFL-CIO