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Letter to students from CPP CFA President Dorothy Wills
Poly Post
… We believe we must stand up for ourselves and for the importance of our role protecting the university’s core mission. Our sister unions throughout the state are with us, many politicians have endorsed the strike, our allies have made appeals to the chancellor to meet our demands, and we are counting on your understanding and support as well.

Cal Poly faculty: We don’t want to strike, but we will if necessary
The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Recently, the statewide union for California State University system faculty announced a 23-campus, five-day strike. If CSU leadership cannot offer a fair salary, 26,000 professors, lecturers, coaches, counselors and librarians will suspend work in mid-April to demand a modest 5 percent raise. That’s a mere down payment on the 20 percent in earning power we’ve lost over the past eight years, when we received less than 5 percent in salary increases.

Why only 19% of Cal State Freshman graduate on time — and what lawmakers aim to do about it
LA Times
Cal State University campuses are under pressure to boost their four-year graduation rates, which in most cases are far below the national average. A new state Legislature bill set to be introduced Monday could make their task easier.

CSU chancellor questioned about money at Cal Poly Pomona forum
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
POMONA >> Although everything was on the table during California State University Chancellor Tim White’s open forum Thursday at Cal Poly Pomona, what everyone most wanted to talk about was money — especially the looming threat of a faculty strike, which took the form of a protest outside the forum and questions within.

No hate crime convictions for white San Jose State students who clamped black roommate in bike lock
Washington Post
The “pranks” began shortly after Donald Williams Jr. started his freshman year at San Jose State University.
Alongside other first-years, the 18-year-old was assigned a dormitory suite with seven other students, including a high school friend with whom he shared a bedroom. But collegial relationship soon dissolved into a series of hijinks targeting Williams, the only African American roommate.

No Hate Crimes Found in San Jose State Bullying Case
The San Jose Mercury News
A California jury found three white men — all former students at San Jose State University — guilty of misdemeanor battery against a black suite mate in 2013, but did not reach any hate crime verdicts in the case.

Save our public universities (Essay)
Ralph Waldo Emerson’s lecture “The American Scholar,” which he delivered in 1837, implicitly raises radical questions about the nature of education, culture, and consciousness, and about their interactions. He urges his hearers to make the New World as new as it ought to be, urges his audience to outlive the constraints that colonial experience imposed on them and to create the culture that would arise from the full and honest use of their own intellects, minds, and senses.

HSU Grad Student Responds to President Rossbacher’s Faculty Strike Email
Lost Coast Outpost
Dear Dr. Rossbacher, As a student at Humboldt State University, I am concerned about the potential strike. I am concerned because I believe that professors are the keystone of this incredible institution and that the value of my education comes from interacting with them, not a syllabus.

Support CFA In Its Struggle for a Fair Salary!
APC Bargaining News
Unit 4 Members Stand with Their Brothers and Sisters in the Faculty Unit.