Links of the Week

Opinion: I Don’t Want to Strike, But I Must
The Pioneer 
East Bay CFA Chapter President Nick Baham: I want to make it clear to the CSUEB community that our strike is an act of love.

Pending Cal State strike isn’t about greedy professors: Guest commentary
San Bernardino County Sun 
Ryan Keating, CSUSB Asst Professor: The pending strike in April is a last resort.

Instruction, interrupted
Chico News & Review
Chico CFA Chapter President Tim Sistrunk: “There’s academic freedom; there’s the open exchange of ideas. To tell people what they can’t talk about—especially if it’s specific to their life at the university—is an astounding assertion.”

Editorial: The Signal stands with CFA
The Signal (CSU Stanislaus)

It is time for funding to be invested into the true heart of the institution and that is our faculty. Without our faculty, we have no institution.

Interactive timeline of CFA, CSU negotiations
Daily Sundial (CSU Northridge)
A long chain of events led to the California Faculty Association’s announcement of a potential strike…

Faculty help students understand potential strike
The Orion (CSU Chico)
A helpful slide show recapping the faculty’s contract battles since 2008 and events in the current “Fight for Five.”

Cuban-Born College President Ruben Armiñana
Anderson Valley Advertiser
Q: The strike couldn’t come at a worse time for you personally.
A: If I could persuade people to wait until next fall when I’m gone I would.

Strike Talk—students asked, we answered
Daily Sundial (CSU Northridge)
The Sundial asked students what questions were on their mind about the California State University administration and the California Faculty Association.

Emotional student rally at San Jose State to protest hate crime verdict
San Jose Mercury News
Calling the verdict in a long-simmering racial bullying case everything from “disgusting” to “purely racist,” students at San Jose State rallied Thursday to decry the incident, the court proceedings and the overall treatment of students of color on the campus of 33,000.