Links of the Week

CFA voices strong support for Prop 55
Golden Gate XPress
CFA President Jennifer Eagan and California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon led the conference and explained how the loss of the tax revenue would impact the state’s largest public university system. Prop 55,  known as the California Children’s Education and Healthcare Protection Act, asks voters to continue an income tax that has been generating revenue for K-12 and community colleges throughout the state since it first passed in 2012.

Proposition 55 to extend temporary income tax
Daily Titan
Proposition 55, known as the California Children’s Education and Healthcare Protection Act, is on this November’s ballot. The measure will extend the amount of time the high income tax on Californian’s who make more than $250,000 a year is implemented. If passed, the revenue made from this tax will be allocated to education and health care. This will not only affect those being taxed, but will also impact public K-12 schools and also community colleges, including the entire CSU system.

Cal State Northridge settles with Christian lab manager who said he was fired for creationist beliefs
Inside Higher Ed
California State University at Northridge has settled a lawsuit brought by a former employee who said he was fired for sharing news of an archaeological discovery that supported his young-Earth creationist beliefs. The university says it settled for $399,500 to avoid a protracted legal battle, but some scientists say the outcome has implications for how scientists critique creationist colleagues going forward.

Why engaging more first gen students in higher education matters
Huffington Post
In this special time of demagoguery and democratic politics, much is made of the need to sustain the nation’s competitiveness in an ever increasing global economy. But as most states know quite well, the competitiveness of any community rests primarily on the education and training of their workforce. And so goes the competitiveness, and eventually the continued success, of the United States.

After years of neglect, public higher education is at a tipping point
Washington Post
Public higher education is at a tipping point in the United States. It is an essential public good that is suffering from an unprecedented erosion of public support, with potentially devastating consequences for our students and our economy.

Hijab Challenge lets Fresno State students experience a day as Muslims
Tri-City Herald
Kate Hobbs, 18, sorted through a pile of scarves on a table at Fresno State, unsure whether she, a white Christian woman, should wear one in the style of a Muslim hijab. The Muslim Student Association at California State University, Fresno, hosted a Hijab Challenge on Wednesday to offer non-Muslim students such as Hobbs a taste of what it’s like to wear a headscarf during a time of nationwide anti-Islam sentiment.

A Pediatrician’s View Of Paid Parental Leave
Paternity leave can make a big difference in a dad’s long-term engagement with the child, doctors find. Paid family leave also fosters breastfeeding and reduces the incidence of maternal depression. As part of All Things Considered’s series Stretched: Working Parents’ Juggling Act, NPR talked with Dr. Benard Dreyer, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician at the New York University School of Medicine and president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, to get a better sense of what the scientific evidence says about the health benefits of paid family leave.