Links of the Week

Cal State student, an activist, detained
Inside Higher Ed
A California State University, Los Angeles, student and immigration activist was detained Thursday by federal immigration authorities in what some see as retaliation for her protesting the arrest of her mother, the Los Angeles Times reported. Federal authorities said Claudia Rueda was one of seven people arrested as part of an investigation into “a cross-border narcotics smuggling operation,” but that all seven had been arrested for suspected immigration violations, not drug-related offenses.

The conservative force behind speeches roiling college campuses
New York Times
BUFFALO — “Let’s give it up for the racists that are hosting this event!” someone yelled, and the crowd roared, foot-stomping in unison, then breaking into song: Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land.” One member of the audience held up a sign, “Queers Against Islamaphobia.” Another unfurled a banner: “Muslims Welcome. Fascists Get Out.”

Trump budget cuts programs for poor while sparing many older people
New York Times
President Trump’s spending blueprint seeks to balance the federal budget through unprecedented cuts to programs for poor and working-class families, effectively pitting them against older Americans who would largely escape the budget ax. In ways large and small, the budget, to be released Tuesday, seeks to curtail spending on poorer recipients of government largess. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known commonly as food stamps, would be cut by $192 billion over the next decade.

What Trump’s proposed 2018 budget would mean for Higher Ed
Chronicle of Higher Ed
The Trump administration on Tuesday released its budget proposal for the 2018 fiscal year. All told, the budget would cut federal education programs by more than $10 billion. The Department of Education’s total operating budget would be slashed by $9 billion, and spending on secondary-education programs would be redirected to school-choice initiatives — the chief policy goal of Betsy DeVos, the education secretary.

State audit raises concerns about CSU hiring practices
The Pioneer
The 23-campus Cal State University system will revise some of its management policies following a state audit that discovered discrepancies in hiring and budgetary practices last month.

The Alt-Reich next door
Inside Higher Ed
White U of Maryland student, who officials say was a member of white supremacist group on Facebook, is charged in fatal stabbing of a black Bowie State student, leaving others questioning how safe they are.

US Widening Income Gap Hits Close to Home
CSULA University Times
The California Faculty Association reports the average Full-Time CSU Lecturer salary as $56,781 in 2015.

California State University set to scrap placement tests
The San Jose Mercury News
The move has sparked concern from faculty worried about underprepared students.