Links of the Week

Opinion: Why we’re fighting for MLK’s final cause
The Rev. Dr. William Barber II and the Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis are co-chairs of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for a Moral Revival: Fifty years ago today (Feb 12), hundreds of black sanitation workers in Memphis walked off their jobs after two of their brothers were crushed to death by their truck’s faulty compactor. For more than 60 days, the striking workers made daily marches from the local church to city hall, wearing signs that declared, “I AM A MAN.” 

Students for Quality Education award scholarships for the first time
Sonoma State Star
The UndocuScholars Coalition and Students for Quality Education will be awarding six undocumented students the Educación Sin Fronteras Scholarship for the first time at Sonoma State. The scholarship has been funded through money raised at the Undocu5k which takes place in April.

How much does Gov. Brown value higher education?
Sacramento Bee
Opinion by former Assemblymembers Mel Levin and Dick Ackerman: “When it comes to higher education, Gov. Jerry Brown is an enigma. He highlights its importance, but his budget priorities shortchange the UC and CSU.”

“Run, hide, fight”: Cal State video shows how to survive active shooter
CBS News
“Run, hide, fight” — those are the keys to survival in an active shooter situation, according to a new video released Tuesday across the California State University system. As CBS Los Angeles reports, the clip offers some obvious pointers, but also lays out some vital advice some of us may not think about.

California State University study finds 42 percent of students struggle to afford food
A recently released California State University study, surveying the state’s 23 campuses, found that almost half of the students enrolled in the system struggle to afford food regularly, due to high costs of living, tuition, class supplies and other necessary expenses.