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Upping the ratio
Chico News & Review
Legislature takes on dearth of mental health counselors on college campuses.

Tony Thurmond says his journey makes him the best candidate to lead K-12 education in California
Tony Thurmond wants students to know about his life. He knows adversity.

California’s legislative budget writers must iron out differences with Gov. Jerry Brown, and each other
Los Angeles Times
Members of the California Legislature’s budget conference committee convene Wednesday (today) with one task above all others: reconcile the plans put forth by their two houses, both of which would be more costly than the proposal crafted by Gov. Jerry Brown.

California Gov. Jerry Brown Says Universities Could Take a Lesson from Chipotle
Capital Public Radio News
The governor complimented the quality of the food and its low price point, and also the simplicity of the restaurant’s meal choices. He went on to advise universities to pare down their course offerings the way Chipotle does its menu. “They have so damn many courses, ’cause all these professors want to teach their pet projects, but then you get thousands and thousands of courses,” he said. “If they would go to a limited menu concept, everyone would graduate on time.”

New chair of California State University system cites need to improve graduation rate, manage enrollment
San Diego Union-Tribune
Adam Day, the new CSU board chairman, said the system needs to improve its graduation rate, more efficiently manage enrollment, find effective ways to use online courses, and carefully weed out academic majors that are no longer drawing significant numbers of students.

Why These Young Women Are Using Their Graduation Caps to Send a Powerful Message
For many Dreamers graduating in 2018, it’s an uncertain time. But that isn’t stopping them from declaring their #Undocugrad status loud and proud

A Limit on Paying for Controversial Speakers
Inside Higher Ed
For certain events, UCLA will only cover $100,000 worth of security each year for speakers outside the university, a unique spending cap so far in higher education.

Court: Education Department Must Resume Debt Relief
Associated Press
…for those previously found to have been defrauded by the defunct for-profit Corinthian Colleges.

Hospitals See Growing Numbers of Kids and Teens at Risk for Suicide
The study
found kids of all ages are affected though increases were greatest for older adolescents.