Links of the Week

The LAUSD teachers strike proves we’re failing a generation of students
Los Angeles Daily News 
On Monday, Los Angeles teachers went on strike, joining educators in West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Colorado who walked off the job last year. This growing wave of teacher strikes confirms what most of us already knew: education in our country is broken.

LA Teachers Strike Diary: Day One
Capital & Main
Laura Palacios is a Los Angeles public school teacher married to another teacher. Today the mother of two joined 33,000 other union members in the first L.A. teachers walkout since 1989. This week Capital & Main will follow Palacios during the strike.

What’s really at stake in the Los Angeles teachers’ strike
NY Times
For decades, public schools were part of California’s lure, key to the promise of opportunity. Forty years ago, with the lightning speed characteristic of the Golden State, all of that changed.
In the fall of 1978, after years of bitter battles to desegregate Los Angeles classrooms, 1,000 buses carried more than 40,000 students to new schools. Within six months, the nation’s second-largest school district lost 30,000 students, a good chunk of its white enrollment. The busing stopped; the divisions deepened.

My professor couldn’t pay rent, so she moved in with me
The Guardian
As a student, I didn’t think much about my professors, how much money they were making or what their lives were like. That was until the end of last semester.
Last spring, I signed up for a course on gender roles. The class was so interesting, I’d often stay after to talk and I eventually became friends with my professor. During finals, I noticed that she seemed stressed out. I was shocked to learn why: my professor was about to lose her place and have to live in her car.

Charmaine Lawson: DNA evidence identifies son’s killer
NorthCoast Journal
The mother of slain Humboldt State University sophomore David Josiah Lawson took to Facebook this morning to express frustration that the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office still hasn’t made a charging decision in her son’s case two months after the Arcata Police Department handed over its investigation.

This is what an antiracist America would look like. How do we get there?
The Guardian
Opposing racism is not the same as building an antiracist society. Our new series, Antiracism and America, looks at the structures that sustain a racist society – and how we dismantle them.

California Gov. Newsom’s budget proposal increases state funding, freezes tuition
Education Dive
California’s two- and four-year public colleges could get a boost from the 2019-20 state budget proposed by its new governor, Gavin Newsom, but they will also be required to freeze tuition.

Millions of college students are going hungry
The Atlantic
As the costs of college have climbed, some students have gone hungry. When they’ve voiced frustration, they’ve often been ridiculed: “Ramen is cheap,” or Just eat cereal.”

Stunning departure at Chapel Hill
Inside Higher Ed
Carol Folt announces she has ordered removal of Confederate plaques and that she is stepping down. System board leader criticizes her actions.

Takedown of online education
Inside Higher Education
Online education has not lived up to its potential, according to a new report, which said fully online course work contributes to socioeconomic and racial achievement gaps while failing to be more affordable than traditional courses.

Canadian air traffic controllers send pizza to US counterparts amid government shutdown
USA Today
Union air traffic controllers in Canada attempted to relieve some of the stress of the U.S. government shutdown with pizza. 
“Pizza makes everyone smile. Proud to help even a little bit!” the Canadian Air Traffic Control Association tweeted Sunday. ”Our members have sent over 300 pizzas so far!” an additional tweet read.