Links of the Week

Americans don’t realize state funding for higher ed is falling, new poll finds
The Hechinger Report
At a time when so many employers are struggling to find workers who have university degrees, Tyler Duffield thinks supporting higher education is as obvious an obligation of state government as it is essential.

Oakland teachers strike is about future of education
San Francisco Chronicle
Deborah Green is a scavenger.
The chairs in the Oakland Technical High School art teacher’s classroom are a mix of plastic, wood and metal. Green said she didn’t have enough seats for her students, and the school district wouldn’t provide her with more. So she started bringing in chairs she found on sidewalks and street corners.

Hate Incidents on Campus Still Rising
Inside Higher Education
Incidents targeting students of color and of different sexualities and religions continue to plague campuses, and the number of incidents appears to be increasing, according to a new report.

Where the 2020 candidates stand on student debt and college affordability
When Barack Obama ran for president for the last time in 2012, sweeping reform of our college financing system wasn’t even on his agenda, let alone that of his Republican opponent Mitt Romney.

Denver: immigrant teachers threatened with deportation if they join strikes
The Guardian
Immigrant educators are being threatened with deportation if they attempt to join the wave of teachers’ strikes hitting the US.