Links of the Week

On Monday night police launched attack on our 1st Amendment. Here’s how you can respond.
Sacramento Bee
Shoving journalists to the ground. Detaining members of the clergy and the press – hands cuffed behind their backs – without cause. Arresting citizens for exercising their right to peaceful protest.
We expect such things in authoritarian countries, but not here in our hometown. Not in Sacramento.

Trump Vows Executive Order on Campus Free Speech
Inside Higher Education
President Trump vowed Saturday to “soon” issue an executive order that would deny federal research funds to colleges and universities that do not support free speech.

California Supreme Court curbs a pension benefit but preserves ‘California Rule’
LA Times
The California Supreme Court made it clear Monday that state and local governments may reduce pension costs by repealing certain benefits without running afoul of constitutional protections for public pensions.
In a unanimous decision written by Chief Justice Tani-Cantil Sakauye, the court upheld California’s 2012 repeal of the “air time” benefit that allowed state workers to buy credits toward retirement service.

Purdue global nixes student arbitration agreement
Inside Higher Education
The Purdue University Global confirmed Tuesday that it had eliminated forced arbitration agreements for students. Purdue’s controversial plan to ban class-action lawsuits and push arbitration, even in fraud cases brought by students, came to light in August… Indiana chapters of the American Association of University Professors, which advocated against forced arbitration, claimed victory in a statement this week.

Autonomous shuttles make debut at California State University
The first self-driving shuttle may have just launched in California’s capital city as a three-month pilot, but it’s likely here to stay.