Links of the Week

East Sacramento arrests a ‘disgrace,’ activists say at Capitol rally for use-of-force bill
Sacramento Bee
Activists rallying for a bill that would restrict law enforcement officers’ use of deadly force on Thursday denounced the arrests of dozens of protesters in East Sacramento earlier this week, saying the roundup was an overreach meant to intimidate police critics.

UC will not raise tuition for California students this fall, Napolitano says
LA Times
The University of California has announced that it will not raise tuition for California students this fall — but expects increases for students from other states and countries.

House Democrats’ Vision for Higher Education Act
Inside Higher Ed
The education committee of the Democrat-led U.S. House of Representatives this week will begin a series of five hearings on reauthorizing the Higher Education Act, the law that governs federal financial aid. On Friday the committee’s Democratic leadership released a paper describing their vision for updating the law, as well as arguments for the continued value of a college credential and criticism for low-quality offerings from for-profit institutions.

Assemblyman: Cap Cal State Executives’ Pay When Tuition Increases
Times of San Diego
Assemblyman Todd Gloria has proposed freezing Cal State executive pay in years when the university system raises tuition.

The college bribery scandal is all about a myth
Washington Post
Meritocracy may be a myth, but that means someone is keeping the fiction alive. The multimillion-dollar college admissions scandal the Justice Department announced this week gives us a sense of who — and why.