Links of the Week

Impaction: What’s next?
University Times
Cal State LA administrators made the decision to move forward with impaction despite the opposition from many of the students, faculty, and community members.
The Final Admissions Proposal was submitted to the Chancellor’s office on March 15, which institutes the raise for admissions criteria and officially declares Cal State LA as an impacted university beginning Fall 2020.

Oakland teacher strike inspires other Bay Area school districts to follow
Golden Gate Xpress
In the wake of the successful Oakland teacher strike two weeks ago, educators across the Bay Area are rallying together to improve their wages and work conditions.

Higher Education Funding Momentum Must Continue
Fox and Hounds Daily
The decisions by the University of California and California State University to hold the line on tuition increases in the Fall are welcome news, provided that Governor Gavin Newsom and the Legislature follow through with robust increases in State funding for UC, CSU and our community colleges. Otherwise, educational quality will suffer and thousands of deserving students will be turned away.

For an Asian-American Family, the Cost of Education
New York Times
The college admission scandal and a lawsuit charging admissions discrimination at Harvard have special resonance for families like mine, where parents sacrifice so much for their children’s opportunities.

Promoting Tuition-Free Programs to Undocumented Students
Inside Higher Ed
When Tennessee and Nevada started tuition-free community college programs several years ago, state lawmakers made no allowances for students who were undocumented immigrants. The two states were not alone. Among the approximately 15 states that now offer tuition-free programs, only a handful allow such students to participate.