Links of the Week

‘Impossible standard?’ Police oppose it, but California use-of-force bill advances
Sacramento Bee
Mothers, brothers, sisters and friends of police shooting victims showed up at the Capitol on Tuesday — wearing t-shirts with their loved ones’ names, their organizations’ slogans and “Let us Live” hats — to tearfully share their stories and send a message to California lawmakers: Pass Assembly Bill 392.

San Jose State Will Build a Parking Structure on Hallowed Ground
The Nation
San Jose State, once known as Speed City, was home to the most legendary track-and-field team of the 20th century. The SJSU Spartans included Tommie Smith, Lee Evans, and John Carlos, the Olympic-medal-winning icons of the 1968 games in Mexico City. Smith and Evans set world records in the 200 and 400 meters, and Smith and Carlos, of course, became iconic when they raised their fists on the 200-meter-medal stand.

U of California Academic Researchers Unionize
Inside Higher Education
Academic researchers within the University of California system, who have formed a union affiliated with the United Auto Workers, reached an agreement with the administration about their new kind of unit. Project scientists, specialists, professional researchers and coordinators of public programs will be included. Visiting titles will be reserved for those researchers who have an appointment elsewhere. The system says it will begin contract negotiations with the union next month, once California’s Public Employment Relations Board certifies the unit. A majority of the system’s 5,000 academic researchers signed cards indicating their preference for a union, which were submitted to the state board in the fall.

How College Professors Turned Into Uber Drivers
Washington Monthly
By now, most Americans are well acquainted with the “gig” economy. Companies reclassify their employees as contractors, thereby shedding costs and responsibilities for workplace rights and benefits. Uber is the prime example. The company claims to be a technology platform rather than an employer, transforming and upending the traditional relationship that a taxi company has with its staff and making drivers cheap, disposable widgets.

#UFWToo. Union head Teresa Romero wants us to remember the farmworkers
Sacramento Bee
She’s the first woman to lead the fabled United Farm Workers union, which was established nearly 60 years ago by César Chávez, perhaps the best known Mexican American in U.S. history.
Teresa Romero is also the granddaughter of a Zapotec woman whose indigenous lineage predates the Spanish conquest of the nation of Mexico.