Links of the Week

The Backbone Of CSUDH: Adjunct Faculty
The Bulletin (CSU Dominguez Hills)
Ask nearly any university administrator why tenure track or tenured faculty are preferred over adjunct faculty, also known as lecturers, temporary, or part-time faculty, and you’re likely to get a similar response as this: they have more time to dedicate to their teaching because they are full-time and can devote themselves to only one job. That means more attention to their students as well as a vested interest in contributing to the university in ways other than teaching.

Police Violence and Public Mental Health
Inside Higher Education
Exposure to police violence can leave a lasting mark on a victim’s mind. In today’s Academic Minute, Fordham University’s Jordan DeVylder discusses how psychological distress can linger after an encounter. DeVylder is an associate professor at Fordham’s graduate school of social service. Learn more about the Academic Minute here.

Pay tuition or feed kids? Students tell California lawmakers about everyday choices
Sacramento Bee
When money was really tight, Sacramento State University student Shamona Thompson Ross found herself chastising her 8-year-old son for putting too much milk in his cereal. Those days tested her decision to see through a degree in American Sign Language.

Amid measles fears, more than 200 students and staff at L.A. universities are quarantined
LA Times
Trying to stop a measles outbreak from spreading, health officials announced Thursday that more than 200 students and staff members at UCLA and Cal State L.A. who have been exposed to measles are being asked to stay home.

Judge: No More Delays on State Authorization Rules
Inside Higher Education
The U.S. Department of Education will be required to implement long-delayed rules around state authorization of online programs following a judge’s ruling on a lawsuit against the department, as first reported in Politico.