Links of the Week

It costs 1,360% more to go to a CSU than 40 years ago – and that’s adjusted for inflation
Sacramento Bee
When it comes to preaching financial savvy to college students forking over considerable cash for school, the “back in my day” argument doesn’t apply.

Misguided doctors and bad information are fueling the return of measles
LA Times
One problem has been that public universities have been slower to respond. The UC Regents finally adopted stricter vaccination requirements, but this year’s freshman class is the first to have been affected, which means most students came in under the old, laxer requirements. The California State University system issued a new vaccination policy in March that abolishes personal belief and religious exemptions, but again it was late in coming. As a consequence of the delayed response, hundreds of students had to be quarantined at UCLA and Cal State L.A. in response to measles exposures.

Ruling favors teachers union in salary dispute with Sacramento City Unified
Sacramento Bee
After weeks of deliberation, a court appointed arbitrator on Thursday ruled in favor of the teachers union in its salary schedule dispute with the Sacramento City Unified School District.

First on new California state superintendent’s long agenda: getting more men of color in the classroom
Four months into his first term, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond is creating 13 work groups that he expects will recommend strategies for addressing some of the state’s thorniest education challenges. The issues include the need for an extensive student data system, college affordability, special education, teacher development, student health and safety, the teacher shortage and the issue he ran on but has little direct power to effect — more funding for schools.

‘It’s because we were union members’: Boeing fires workers who organized
The Guardian
Richard Mester worked for Boeing in South Carolina as a flight safety inspector for five years before being suddenly fired – along with two other employees – in November 2018 for allegedly failing to report a bird strike. However, the bad news also came shortly after the company was told Mester had been elected a union steward.