Links of the Week

There Is No Free Speech Crisis On Campus
“Chilling” is the word used in the Washington Post headline to describe college students’ supposed hostility to free speech. A new poll appears to indicate that 20% of college students believe it is appropriate to use violence to shut down hateful or offensive speakers. Thanks to a carefully orchestrated campaign, the notion that universities are hostile to the free exchange of ideas is slipping into mainstream opinion. It is a phony crisis manufactured by the same people who fuel the engines of climate denial. Right wing activists and donors are fighting to undermine universities because their values cannot thrive there. Modern conservatism is failing on campus because it shrivels in an atmosphere of intelligent, open debate.

Tongva, Los Angeles’ first language, opens the door to a forgotten time and place
LA Times
From the top of Signal Hill, Los Angeles disappears in the haze. Gauzy light smudges details, so that only the mountains, the sea and the land in between remain. No freeways; no homes, high-rises or palms…

This world was theirs before it belonged to anyone else, before strangers arrived and began to bend the region to their will and Tovaangar disappeared.

‘Born to Win, Schooled to Lose’
Inside Higher Education
Race and class matter when it comes to who gets ahead educationally in American society, according to an analysis released today by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.

Prospector Pete packs up and sharks swim in as Cal State Long Beach’s new mascot
LA Times
“Move over, Prospector Pete, a famous ocean predator is taking over Cal State Long Beach. After a months-long process to replace the former mascot, which was ousted in 2018 following years of outcry that he was offensive to indigenous people, students have selected a shark as the new face of the college, university officials announced.”

Occidental College adjunct faculty vote to unionize
The Eastsider
More than 100 non-tenured faculty at Occidental College have voted to unionize, setting the stage for the start of contract negotiations, according to the Service Employees International Union.