Links of the Week

CSU faculty, workers air concerns
Capitol Weekly
The fiscal outlook at California State University is good and the sprawling, 23-campus system that serves nearly a half-million students is in the midst of expansion.

Calif. bill requires colleges to update trans graduates’ name on diplomas
NBC News
California appears poised to make it easier for transgender and nonbinary graduates of public colleges and universities to change the name on their diploma.

Mind the achievement gap: California’s disparities in education, explained
Few goals in education have been as frustrating and urgent as the deep, generational disparity in achievement between the haves and the have-nots in California schools.

The number of Californians represented by unions grows as national labor organizing stagnates
LA Times
The number of Californians represented by unions rose by 139,000 last year in the wake of successful organizing campaigns across occupations as varied as nurses, electricians, animation artists, scooter mechanics and university researchers.

How Black Lives Matter is Changing What Students Learn During Black History Month
“I definitely think that Black Lives Matter encouraged people to learn about other movements that came before,” says Tatiana Amaya, 19, a freshman at Claremont McKenna College who took a required black history course in her Philadelphia high school. “It’s central to understanding that black oppression still exists today.”