Links of the Week

California to Formally Apologize for Mistreatment of Japanese Americans
Capital Public Radio
Marielle Tsukamoto was five years old when her family was sent from Sacramento to an incarceration center in Arkansas during World War II.

Flight Attendants Union Boss Talks Pay, Wildcat Strikes, Delta Organizing Drive
AP (via Dallas Morning News)
The airline industry is among the most heavily unionized in the U.S. economy, and union members are seeking a bigger share of the airlines’ multibillion profits.

Strikes are 257% up in Two Years, Even Though Labor Union Membership is Down – Why More Workers are Taking a Stand
The number of work strikes and the number of union members are going in opposite directions, and that divergence is highlighting an important fact about today’s job market, experts say.

Burying the Past: Educators Agree Black History Knowledge Lacking
Valdosta Daily Times
Bell and Blake agree while curriculum focuses on slavery and segregation that the lessons taught in school leave out a past forgotten; that black history goes beyond the natives of Africa being held captive with their freedom languishing behind them.

Professor Who Said He Had a “Free Speech” Right to Misgender Trans Students Loses Court Case
LGBTQ Nation
A professor in Ohio who was involved in a highly publicized case where he claimed a free speech right to misgender transgender students has lost his case.