Links of the Week

Labor and Faith Groups Tie Low Wages to the Housing Crisis
MPR News
A coalition of labor and faith groups is launching a campaign fighting for higher wages and affordable housing in [Minnesota].

‘I Want to See You Here’: How to Make College a Better Bet for More People
Chronicle of Higher Education
Going to college can change the course of someone’s life. And yet the American higher-education system waylays a lot of students. It is deeply stratified. And for many people, it remains out of reach entirely

California Schools Brace for a Coronavirus Disruption
Early reports indicate children infected by the coronavirus experience a milder response than older adults. But as it arrives in Northern California, school and college officials are preparing for a growing likelihood that the highly contagious virus will disrupt learning and spark panic in young people and their naturally protective caretakers.

How Technology is Changing the Future of Higher Education
New York Times
Now, however, squeezed by the demands of employers and students — especially the up and coming Generation Z — and the need to attract new customers, some schools, such as Boise State and Southern New Hampshire University, are starting labs to come up with improvements to help people learn more effectively, match their skills with jobs and lower their costs.

The Problem with Telling Sick Workers to Stay Home
The Atlantic
As the coronavirus that has sickened tens of thousands in China spreads worldwide, it now seems like a virtual inevitability that millions of Americans are going to be infected with the flu-like illness known as COVID-19.