Links of the Week

No Matter What Some Public Officials Say, the Message You Need to Hear is “Stay Home”
The discordant messages underscore the immense challenges conveying common messages during a public health crisis, one that has happened time and again as the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has swept across the country.

Labor Unions Asking Employers to Extend Sick Leave During Coronavirus Outbreak
WWLP 22 News
A Massachusetts labor union is asking employers to do some things to take some of the stress away from workers who don’t get much sick time.

Ed-Tech Vendors Confront Sudden Opportunity and Risk
Inside Higher Ed
As the new coronavirus outbreak prompted college after university to start shifting classes online — either for a few weeks or for the remainder of the spring semester — education technology companies lined up to say they could help.

Don’t Want a Census Taker at Your Door During the Coronavirus Outbreak? Fill it out online
Los Angeles Times
The coronavirus outbreak is threatening to complicate the nation’s massive, once-a-decade population count, but it’s also giving momentum to the Census Bureau’s 2020 push to encourage people to respond by phone, mail or — for the first time — online.

Commentary: An Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement at CSU Can Help Unify Our Diverse Communities
California legislators are considering Assembly Bill 1460 to make Ethnic Studies, the interdisciplinary and comparative study of race and ethnicity, a class requirement at California State Universities.