Links of the Week

The Coronavirus Is Killing Local News
The Atlantic
Among the important steps you should take during this crisis: Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. And buy a subscription to your local newspaper.

The Labor Department Won’t Take Steps to Protect Health Care Workers from the Coronavirus
The Center for Public Integrity
The U.S. Department of Labor has rejected pressure to issue worker protections that nurses are demanding. The hospital industry wants it that way.

Ten Ways to Fight for Social Justice During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Teen Vogue
Below are 10 ideas for how to keep our roots strong, nurture communities, and bolster human rights in the wake of this global pandemic.

‘White-Collar Quarantine’ Over Virus Spotlights Class Divide
The New York Times
In some respects, the pandemic is an equalizer: It can afflict princes and paupers alike, and no one who hopes to stay healthy is exempt from the strictures of social distancing. But the American response to the virus is laying bare class divides that are often camouflaged — in access to health care, child care, education, living space, even internet bandwidth.

No running water. No electricity. On Navajo Nation, coronavirus creates worry and confusion as cases surge
Los Angeles Times
Lisa Robbins runs the generator attached to her family’s mobile home for just a few hours most mornings. With no electricity, it provides heat in this rural high-desert stretch of the Navajo Nation where overnight temperatures often linger in the low 30s this time of year.