Links of the Week

Under Cover of Pandemic, Trump’s NLRB Moves to Make Unionizing ‘Nearly Impossible for Workers’
Common Dreams
The National Labor Relations Board finalized a rule this week that critics warn could make unionizing “nearly impossible for workers” at a moment when employees across the nation are fighting for stronger protections against the coronavirus pandemic.

The New Labor Movement
The coronavirus pandemic has had a big impact on working people, who are increasingly banding together to put pressure on employers and raise public awareness about health and safety issues they’re facing on the job.

How the Last Recession Affected Higher Education. Will History Repeat Itself?
The Hechinger Report
One of the peculiar things about higher education is that it runs in the opposite direction of the economy. When the economy stalls, demand for college typically rises as the unemployed decide to go back to school to improve their job prospects. Since it seems near certain that the coronavirus pandemic is triggering a new recession right now, I thought it would be useful to recap what happened to colleges and universities during the Great Recession of 2008 to help us think through what might and might not repeat this time around.

New California Nursing Waiver Will Allow Some Students to Complete Training, But Leaves Others Out
California nursing students close to graduation won a state waiver to complete their training and join the workforce to help slow the coronavirus pandemic. Still, some say the loosened regulations don’t go far enough in helping them complete their training.

‘Hella Connected’: How California Lawmakers are Governing from Home
Sent home due to coronavirus, the California Legislature has turned the nation’s most populous state into a mass experiment in remote governance.