Links of the Week

COVID-19: HSU’s Faculty Union Pushes Back Against Restructuring
Humboldt State University’s bleak financial outlook amid the coronavirus pandemic has prompted the administration to consider reorganizing its academic departments, but the university’s faculty union says it will push back against any efforts that lead to overwork or layoffs.

The Dangers of Covering Your Face While Black
Mother Jones
It’s a feeling that is replicated across the country. The health effects from COVID-19 are disproportionately killing Black people. The United States has the highest rate of infection and death toll in the world … They also face the additional threat of being seen as threatening when wearing a protective mask.

Students Sue California Universities Over Fees Lost Amid Pandemic
Students from the University of California and California State University systems are suing for refunds of fees for use of gyms, health and student centers that were closed for in-person services because of the coronavirus.

DACA Students to Get Emergency Aid From California Systems
Inside Higher Ed
University of California and Cal State say they will give emergency grants to DACA students, after education secretary excluded them from the stimulus bill.

Chip in to Help Undocumented People Affected by the COVID-19 Emergency Today
National UndocuFund
The National UndocuFund will provide financial assistance to undocumented people affected by the COVID-19 emergency who cannot receive benefits from the government stimulus plan even though they are some of the most hard hit.