Links of the Week • April 22, 2015

Why Students Are Marching for Better Wages
Rolling Stone

Faculty Join Fast Food in the Fight for $15
The American Prospect  |  Inside Higher Ed  |  Chronicle of Higher Education

Berkeley demonstration for $15 at site of 60’s Free Speech Movement
Bay Area Indymedia
Sheila Tully, president of the California Faculty Association at San Francisco State University, drew attention to a low-wage constituency not always recognized: …

CSU faculty struggle living in own community
Sonoma Star (Sonoma State)
The finding that six out of 10 respondents can’t afford housing in their campus community particularly resonates …

25% of college adjunct faculty get government assistance

Turn Off the Spigot
Inside Higher Ed
As California’s drought grows more severe, UC & CSU are stepping up their water conservation.

Colleges Respond to Racist Incidents as if Their Chief Worry Is Bad PR, Studies Find
Chronicle of Higher Education

Online Penalty
Inside Higher Ed
Large study of California community college students finds that they are more likely to succeed in in-person courses.