Links of the Week • Feb. 19, 2014

Online Higher Ed a Cost Savings for Students, Universities? Think Again
Huffington Post blogs recap the necessary main points to two working papers about the not-so-great realities lurking in online higher education. The Campaign for the Future of Higher Ed is circulating them. Help spread the word further by liking the posts and sharing them with others. The time has come for this message to circulate widely.
Huffington Post

Doing Higher Ed Right: Increasing education funding! Hiring full-time professors! Are these places for real?
Slate’s education columnist highlights “Michigan, whose governor, Rick Snyder, just proposed to increase the higher education budget by 6.1 percent” and “the proud trend-resisters at Iowa State University, who have increased faculty hiring while others have slashed it, and decreased administration while others have bloated it.” About face?

NY Times editorial: The New College Campus
“Imagine meeting someone who says she works at a university. Some years ago, it would have been fairly safe to assume that she was a professor, and a member of the middle class with enviable job security. Not anymore. Two reports make clear that the nature of the college work force has changed substantially, possibly to the detriment of educational quality.”
New York Times

Politician-Public Divide
A presenter of a study on public attitudes about higher ed said, “leaders have underestimated the value that families and students place on college as somewhere that students can receive a rich and broad education. They’re concerned about the movement toward specific job training at the exclusion of these broader goals.” 89 percent agreed that “college should be where students learn the ability to think critically by studying a rich curriculum that includes history, art and literature, government, economics and philosophy.” Two-thirds think colleges should play a significant role in teaching young people to be more socially concerned and responsible.
Inside Higher Ed

In Calif., Janet Napolitano’s Vision: More Unity, Money, and Research
A profile of the new UC system president indicates many faculty members would like her to moderate efforts by Gov. Jerry Brown and lawmakers to legislate university policy in ways that academics may oppose, such as enacting laws to require the institutions to offer credit for more online courses. “She is skeptical about the savings from online courses,” said Robert Samuels, who leads AFT in the UC.
The Chronicle of Higher Education