Links of the Week • February 28, 2018

Judging Janus
Capital & Main
Capital & Main series looks at the forces behind Janus, the potentially devastating consequences of the case — and the possibility that Janus could galvanize unions in ways that their opponents never imagined.

Supreme Court extends relief for ‘Dreamers,’ refuses to rule now on Trump immigration plan
Los Angeles Times   |  San Francisco Chronicle
The Supreme Court handed President Trump a significant defeat Monday, turning down the administration’s plea for a quick ruling on the president’s power to end special protections for so-called Dreamers. The court’s decision not to immediately hear the administration’s appeal could keep in place a legal shield for nearly 700,000 young immigrants for the rest of this year, and perhaps longer.

The Urgent Plea of an Undocumented (CSU) Trustee
Chronicle of Higher Education
Fourteen years later, he is a student trustee for the CSU system, pursuing a master’s in communication studies at the Northridge campus, and dreaming of a law degree or a Ph.D. What makes those dreams possible, he says, are the work permit and temporary protection from deportation he received …

Facing a ‘Looming Fiscal Emergency,’ HSU Announces Plan to Slash Budget by $9 million
Lost Coast Outpost
Humboldt State President Lisa A. Rossbacher announced plans to cut the school’s annual budget by seven percent, or $9 million. Cost-cutting measures include eliminating a number of staff and administrator positions, instituting hiring freezes in numerous departments, closing the Third Street Gallery and “determining alternative pathways” for the Children’s Center.

‘Poorly Paid’ Professors
Inside Higher Ed
Faculty members earn 15 percent less than others with advanced degrees, study finds. They work equally long hours.

‘Teachers Are Educators, Not Security Guards’: Educators Respond to Trump Proposal
The New York Times

The Lack of a College Degree Is a Public-Health Crisis. Here’s What Higher Ed Can Do About It.
Chronicle of Higher Education
Get a college degree, and you’re more likely to lead a healthier and more prosperous life. Go without, and, for a number of reasons, you’re more likely to face a range of health problems. The health gulf between those who get a college degree and those who don’t is widening.