Links of the week * February 4, 2015

CSU using more part-time faculty than full-time professors
Sacramento Bee

CSU adopts new campus fee policy – then approves new fee
Los Angeles Times  |  Chronicle of Higher Ed  |  89.3 KPCC
The Trustees of CSU voted on Wednesday to give students more say over the “success fees” some campuses tack onto their tuition bills. Critics have accused institutions of using the controversial fees, which are now in place on 12 of the system’s 23 campuses and can run to several hundred dollars a semester, to circumvent a tuition freeze that Cal State and the UC agreed to in 2012 in exchange for increased state support.

U. of Wisconsin Leader Defends Faculty from Governor
Inside Higher Ed
The head of the U. of Wisconsin defended faculty from state Gov. Scott Walker’s suggestion that professors should teach more classes to save money as part of a Walker-backed $300 million budget cut. Faculty are like state lawmakers,” system Pres. Ray Cross said in a radio interview, ”if all we think they do is what we see them do when both chambers are in session…. That’s not any different than faculty. Faculty on average are working 50 to 60 hours a week.” Cross said … “We need to appreciate [faculty] more because it’s on the backs of the best and the brightest that we’re going to solve some of the problems we have in this country and in this state,” …

Wisconsin Governor Stirs a Debate Over What Professors Actually Do
Chronicle of Higher Education
Just what do university professors do all day?

App Gives Students an Incentive to Keep Their Phones Locked in Class
CBS Local
Two students at CSU Chico created an iPhone app that rewards students with coupons for local businesses when they leave their phones untouched…

Part 2: Homeless and in college
KSBY (San Luis Obispo)
Uncertainty is a feeling Geovanni Ximenez-Garcia wakes up with each morning,… The fourth-year student is one of an estimated 100,000 homeless college students in the U.S. Ximenez-Garcia is spending his final year at Cal Poly [SLO] without a stable place to live because he felt overwhelmed by loan debt. He says he felt his options were as follows: pay for tuition or pay rent.

Study: Close Education Gaps and Economy Will Improve
Inside Higher Ed
A new study by the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, a research organization that focuses on income inequality, argues that efforts to close education inequality would have a huge impact on the economy.