Links of the week • Jan. 28, 2014

Stanford Economist: Elite Colleges Should Not Give Credit for MOOCs
Jan. 27, 2014—If highly selective colleges begin awarding credit to students who pass massive open online courses created by their faculty members, the institutions could undermine their ability to invest in promising students, according to an analysis by a well-known Stanford University economist. — Wired Campus

For-Profit Laureate Education’s National Hispanic U. Stops New Enrollments
Jan. 27, 2014—National Hispanic University has stopped enrolling new students amid serious financial problems, four years after it was purchased by the for-profit higher-education company Laureate Education Inc., the San Jose Mercury News reported. Laureate operates 70 colleges in 30 countries. It bought the university, which enrolls about 600 students, in 2010 for an undisclosed amount. At the time the company planned to add 8,000 students online and start degree programs in Mexican-American studies and in Spanish.—Chronicle of Higher Education

Are Adjunct Professors the Fast-Food Workers of the Academic World?
Jan. 24, 2014—The adjunct problem is not about PhDs struggling to find jobs or people being forced to give up their dreams. The adjunct problem is about the continued exploitation of a large, growing and diverse group of highly educated and dedicated college teachers who have been asked to settle for less pay because the institutions they work for have callously calculated that they can get away with it. —The Guardian


Faculty feel conversion is rushed and costly
Cal Poly Pomona: A recent meeting of the California Faculty Association has shown that California State University campuses feel more consultation is needed before continuing ahead with the semester conversion.— The Poly Post

Faculty union elects new president
CSU Chico: Political science department chair Charles Turner took office earlier this month as president for the Chico State chapter of the California Faculty Association. — The Orion