Links of the week • Jan. 7, 2014

Higher Education’s Big (Data) Bang

The use of Big Data could unlock as much as $5 trillion in economic value a year, and it’s falling on colleges and universities to ensure such a boon happens. —eCampus News

Raising the Bar on Faculty

An administrative law judge in Florida last week upheld new rules by the State Department of Education that require significantly more of state college faculty members – particularly in the areas of student success – for them to earn continuing contracts. The ruling also upholds a change to the time it takes professors to earn their first contract. Instead of three years, faculty members will now only be eligible after five years of service. — Inside Higher Ed

State Supremes admit undocumented lawyer to the Bar

CSU Chico graduate Sergio Garcia can practice law in California, the state Supreme Court ruled Wednesday, but he still cannot get paid or charge clients because of federal law. A state law that took effect on January 1 gave the state high court room to approve Garcia’s application for a license to practice the profession. — L.A. Observed