Links of the Week • January 31, 2018

Cal State trustees debate tuition increase, ‘unsustainable funding gaps at nations largest public university system
Los Angeles Times
Some trustees raised the need for “real structural change.” “We need a new approach. It seems crazy to me to run an institution of this size and complexity on this annual budgeting process… not knowing until June what money we’re going to have for the next academic year,” Trustee Jane W. Carney said. “A budget is a moral document that reveals what an institution or society really cares about,” Kevin Wehr, California Faculty Association, said. “What is the board actually doing to resurrect a commitment to public higher education in California?”

Pushing for more state funds, Cal State threatens tuition hike but delays vote
John Nilon, the alumni rep on the CSU board, on Tuesday criticized what he said was the governor’s efforts to bolster the state’s reserves at the expense of higher education. “The governor chooses to put those funds in a rainy day fund, thereby creating the rainy day for CSU,” he said, referring to Brown’s proposed budget putting more than $5 billion surplus in rainy day and disaster funds. Nilon urged Cal State leaders, staff, students and families to push hard in Sacramento with a message “that tugs at their heart strings, that makes a difference to the governor and the Legislature.”

CSU delays tuition increase vote
The Sundial (CSU Northridge)
“I have had friends that have literally been on the verge of homelessness and I have had other friends who decided not to go to college for this reason, because of the increases,” Gabriel Lozano, Students for Quality Education said.

California v. Trump Immigration Battle: DACA, Raids, College Students
Capital Public Radio News
The UC and CCC Chancellors appeared with Calif. Attorney General Becerra to urge students who are DACA recipients to take advantage of what may only be a temporary window to renew their temporary status. CSU Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Loren J. Blanchard also appeared.

Homeless U: How Students Study and Survive on the Streets
KQED The California Report
“I don’t remember what home feels like,” said 24-year-old Ebony Ortega, an ethnic studies major at San Francisco State University. Ortega sleeps in her car, at friends’ apartments or at secret spots on campus. “It’s been quite some few years since I’ve felt like there’s some sort of comfort, security and just stability,” she added. “It’s hard, it’s really hard.”

Fitzgerald: Overflowing CSUs should look to, not laugh at, Stockton
Stockton Record
The spokesman for the CSU system seemed to scoff at Stockton in a recent interview, drawing a tart response from Assemblywoman Susan Eggman. The context is that CSUs overflowed last year. Universities rejected 31,000 qualified applicants. This all-time high argues, you’d think, for building more…

California Importing More College Graduates, But Not Keeping Up with Workforce Demands
The California Report KQED