Links of the Week • March 4, 2014

25 Years of Declining State Support for Public Colleges
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Explore how state and federal support has declined as a share of overall revenue—putting a greater burden on students—at more than 600 four-year public colleges and universities since 1987. (To see the dramatic decline in state funding to California State University campuses, choose in the filters “California” and “Master’s Colleges and Universities”) 3/3/14

More Cal State campuses are considering ’student success fees’
Los Angeles Times
They are called “student success fees” and they offer the promise of more classes and programs and improved graduation rates for thousands of California State University students. But critics say they are a thinly veiled attempt to shift more education costs to students — without increasing tuition. … The so-called success fees, however, have sparked debate at dozens of campuses across the state. Sonoma dropped its proposed $250-per-semester fee last month after vigorous student and faculty dissent.

Cal State University system facing a $1.8 billion backlog in deferred maintenance
Los Angeles Daily News
Top administrators for the California State University system warned legislators that years of budget cutbacks have left a $1.8 billion backlog of needed …

Professors Peeved to Learn They Don’t Own What They Teach Online
…as online courses soar in popularity, a battle is beginning over who should own them. Though little noticed, it’s a fight that could change longstanding traditions about faculty control of classes they create, and influence the future and success of online higher education. Universities hope to make money off these courses…

For-profit college sued by federal consumer agency for predatory loans
The Plain Dealer  Insider Higher Ed  |  San Jose Mercury News
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau took its first enforcement action against a for-profit college on Wednesday when it filed a lawsuit against ITT Educational Services, accusing the large higher education company of coercing students into high-interest loans that were likely to default and other abusive practices.

Are online college degrees really cheaper?
eCampus News
The average cost of an online bachelor’s degree is now more expensive than many face-to-face bachelor’s degrees.

Cal State L.A. faculty approve ethnic studies requirement
Los Angeles Times
The Academic Senate at Cal State Los Angeles on Tuesday approved a graduation requirement that students take at least one course focusing on race and ethnicity, after weeks of sometimes acrimonious debate that divided students and faculty.  2/26/14

Strike averted with contract settlement at UC
San Jose Mercury  |   Los Angeles Times
The University of California system and the union that represents 8,300 custodians, food workers, gardeners and other campus service workers have reached a tentative contract agreement, averting what was threatened to be a disruptive five-day strike next week, officials announced Thursday. 2/28/14

California Gov. Jerry Brown to run for reelection
Sacramento Bee  |  Los Angeles Times  |  San Francisco Chronicle
Gov. Jerry Brown announced Thursday that he has taken out the papers to run for re-election. In his typically understated fashion, the 75-year-old governor posted the announcement and a photo to his Twitter account. — 2/28/14

CSU chancellor: State’s future hinges on 1 million new grads
North Bay Business Journal
… with the California State University system expected to play a central role in those efforts over the next decade, said CSU chancellor Timothy White, …