Links of the Week • May 17, 2016

Gov. Jerry Brown unveils new state budget proposal with rosier outlook
The San Jose Mercury News
It also dings California State University and the University of California for planned tuition hikes, taking $4 million in planned increases from each system to help pay the higher tab for need-based student aid.

Letter to Editor: Education Increases the Opportunity to Succeed: Support the Student Protection Act
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)
Letter from Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva. The California Faculty Association is a strong sponsor of AB 393: The Student Protection Act. Sign our petition online.

A precarious education in America: East Bay senior reflects on life as an undocumented student
The Pioneer (CSU East Bay)

EDITORIAL: Tuition increase shouldn’t have to pay for administrative raises
State Hornet (CSU Sacramento)
The CSU will be raising tuition this fall even as the California State Auditor accuses it of financial mismanagement …

Faculty Votes No Confidence in President of Cal State San Bernardino
Chronicle of Higher Education

The NCAA put out a diversity hiring pledge. Notre Dame and Boston College won’t sign.
Washington Post
The NCAA published online a list of schools whose leaders signed, making it easy to determine who hasn’t. The CSU system has signed, as have individual NCAA-related campuses Bakersfield, San Luis Obispo, Fresno, Fullerton, Northridge, Sacramento, San Jose, San Diego, and Long Beach.

Demonstration by Grad-Student Union at Yale Furthers Tensions Over Hunger Strike
New Haven Register
As a hunger strike by Yale graduate students moved into its third week, 23 demonstrators were arrested for blocking three major intersections in New Haven, Conn., in a protest aimed at pressuring campus officials to negotiate with their union.

Some Yale teachers are refusing to eat in protest at the university. I’m one of them
The Guardian

Editorial: An Invitation to Wage Theft
New York Times
It’s called the “Working Families Flexibility Act,” but it would accommodate only employers and could cheat families. The bill, which the House recently passed, would supposedly let employees who work overtime choose paid time off rather than time-and-a-half wages. But the time off would come at the convenience of employers, who would have 13 months to schedule it.

Faculty and Staff Salaries at More Than 4,700 Colleges
Chronicle of Higher Education
Browse the data by state, sector, and Carnegie classification and break out salaries by institution, rank, and gender.