Links of the Week • May 3, 2016

Editorial: State audits give failing grades to UC, CSU
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
Fee increases at some point are inevitable. But it will be close to impossible to justify them now in light of Howle’s findings.

CSU, UC must clean up their fiscal houses
LA Daily News
The highlight—er, lowlight—of State Auditor Elaine Howle’s report on CSU was that over the past eight years the system has hired middle managers at a rate at least twice that of any other employee group, including faculty. And that compensation for managers has grown at three times the rate of faculty pay. That’s bad enough—the people who actually teach our young people at CSU are more important than those who direct them and shuffle papers, in our view.

What the Congressional Budget Deal Means for Higher Ed 
Chronicle of Higher Education

Budget Deal Provides Money for NIH and Year-Round Pell
Inside Higher Ed
The National Endowments for the Humanities and for the Arts would also see slight increases for the 2017 fiscal year, in sharp contrast to the eliminations that the Trump administration has proposed for

Purdue’s Purchase of Kaplan Is a Big Bet — and a Sign of the Times
Chronicle of Higher Education
By acquiring the for-profit-education giant, the public university is taking cues from the fast pace of online growth at other nonprofit institutions.

Gender Gaps Shrinking and Lingering
Inside Higher Ed
New research suggests limited role for gender in predicting whether new Ph.D.s will get tenure-track jobs, but notable differences on pay and other issues, favoring men.

Report Tracks Social Inequity in Higher Education
Inside Higher Ed
Students from American families with the highest incomes are almost five times likelier than students from the poorest families to earn a bachelor’s degree by age 24.

Political Division Soars on Campus, Survey Finds
Chronicle of Higher Education
College freshmen are more politically polarized than they’ve been in at least half a century

San Diego schools launch long-term effort to fight Islamophobia
Yahoo Digest

Historians react to Trump’s Civil War comments: ‘That’s entirely wrong in every respect’
Yahoo News