Mail ballots start arriving Tuesday—Voters by mail: Check out the CFA Voter Guide!

The November 8 Election gets underway this Tuesday, Oct. 11, when Vote-by-Mail ballots begin arriving at voters’ homes. About 5 million of California’s 18 million registered voters are expected to vote by mail.

“That is why we strongly urge you to check out CFA’s Voter Guide on the CFA website and share that information with other voters,” says Jennifer Eagan, CFA President.

“This election is too important to miss. As faculty in a public state university system, we have a lot at stake,” Eagan says.

CFA’s Voter Guide is personalized for you; it displays candidates for state offices based on where you are registered to vote and provides information on state ballot measures on which CFA has taken positions. (You also can learn more about all the propositions that appear on the Nov. 8 ballot in a summary on the CFA website.)

If you or a colleague wants to vote by mail, you still have time to make a request of the Secretary of State’s office. November 1 is the last day you can request a vote-by-mail ballot from your county’s registrar of voters office.