Mediation ends; CFA moves to factfinding

The Chancellor’s representatives stubbornly refused to move from their inadequate 2% proposal, and mediation has now concluded. The mediator certified the sides to factfinding.

To recap, CFA and the Chancellor’s bargaining team has been bargaining since May over faculty salaries for 2015-2016. CSU management would, and currently will not, even ponder more than a 2% compensation pool increase. CFA has continued to argue that the faculty need a 5% General Salary Increase (GSI) for everyone and a Service Salary Increase (SSI) for those who are eligible.
In factfinding, the parties make their case to a panel in hopes of securing a favorable factfinding report. The panel is made up of one neutral third party and a representative from each bargaining team. The neutral writes a Factfinding report that recommends how a settlement could be achieved. After the sides have 10 days to study the report and perhaps reach a settlement, the Factfinding report becomes public.  

At that point, the statutory process ends. We gain the right to strike, and CSU management may impose its “last, best, and final offer” (2%).

“The CSU management remains unwilling to even consider CFA’s call for a 5% raise,” says Kevin Wehr, chair of the CFA Bargaining Team. “We must press on and be prepared to take action if factfinding does not get them to budge.”

CFA President Jennifer Eagan commented, “After years of stagnant faculty wages, we all know that the Chancellor’s 2% is simply not enough to make teaching in the CSU sustainable.”

She added, “We work hard to provide quality education for our students, but we also need to support our families. Education is a road to the middle class for our students, and teaching CSU students certainly should produce a middle class living for us and our families. This status quo is simply not good enough.”

See the CFA Bargaining Team’s Update: “Moving on to Factfinding”