Member Engagement in CFA’s Contract Campaign

As our union gears up for our contract campaign, we must work hard to build power through active and engaged membership efforts on the campuses, educate and activate the faculty, and to reinforce relationships with community allies. But there is work to do at the bargaining table with management. To that end, we want to extend an invitation to union members to join our efforts on the Bargaining Team. As a member-run union, we have a Bargaining Team made up of faculty who develop proposals and respond to management’s proposals. In short, CFA’s Bargaining Team is tasked with negotiating a tentative agreement for the full successor contract, which must ultimately be ratified by CFA’s membership at the conclusion of the contract campaign.

Our bargaining team will be representative of all faculty: tenure track and lecturers, coaches, counselors, and librarians. The team will also be mindful of centering our anti-racism and social justice commitment as we embark on full contract bargaining. Being on the team will require several days of meeting with the bargaining team and management each month, and members of the team will need to make time for this work. Mostly, we work on Thursdays and Fridays, and if the past is any lesson, we know that bargaining will span the spring, summer, and into the fall. Please let us know by November 26, 2019 if you are interested in joining the team by visiting this link to apply.

Faculty can also participate in the bargaining process by attending an upcoming campus meeting, which is a terrific platform for members to come together and discuss bargaining priorities and goals. Additionally, if you are a member and you have not yet responded, please remember to complete the bargaining survey by November 25. The survey is a key part of our strategy as it informs our Bargaining Team about what matters most to members.

Finally, if your campus meeting has already taken place and you have taken the survey, but another thought occurred to you, please send a message to bargainingideas@calfac.org to let us know.