“MOOC Mania” in Thought & Action

The current issue of the National Education Association’s Thought & Action: The NEA Higher Education Journal (Fall 2013) features the article “MOOC Mania” by Susan Meisenhelder, CFA past president and co-organizer of the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education. 

The article lays out the range of issues circulating through the use of this new, heavily promoted technique.  She notes the strong dose of hyped promotion in place of careful evaluation and she looks at who does and who does not benefit.

This issue also includes an article by Gary Rhoades, CFHE leader and director of the U. of Arizona’s Center for the Study of Higher Education, about the impact of widespread hiring of part-time and contingent college and university faculty.

Copies of this issue are available to CFA members on request from the CFA office, while they last, by sending your request to CFA@calfac.org