More labor councils grant Strike Sanctions to CFA

FEB 3, 2016—Three more Central Labor Councils and the Teamsters Joint Council in Northern California have joined the growing list of labor groups that have granted Strike Sanctions to CFA.

Mike Gentry, President, Central Labor Council of Butte and Glenn Counties, which covers CSU Chico, wrote in a letter to CFA:

“The vote was unanimous in favor of supporting CFA actions against California State University [management].”

The San Diego-Imperial Counties CLC approved strike sanctions in support of faculty at the San Diego and San Marcos campuses. The North Bay Labor Council did likewise for faculty at Sonoma State.

The Teamsters Joint Council No. 7, which approved Strike Sanctions throughout Northern California, represents 100,000 Teamsters. Previously, Teamsters Joint Council No. 42, which represents 200,000 Teamsters in Southern California, did the same in its region.

Through strike sanctions, union labor councils call on the union members in their jurisdiction not to cross the strikers’ picket lines and to lend other kinds of support. That can mean, for example, UPS and mail deliveries stop, public buses do not enter campus, trash is not collected, and unionized tradespeople do not go onto campus to build or make repairs.