New book, essay highlight need for equality for contingent faculty

The Chronicle of Higher Education on Jan. 13 featured an essay by Richard Moser, adapted from his essay in “Equality for Contingent Faculty: Overcoming the Two-Tier System,” a newly released book from Vanderbilt University Press.

Moser, who has spoken several times at CFA meetings, makes a convincing case for why systemic inequality in higher education is a problem for everyone—faculty, students, and society in general.

Also included in the book is a case study describing CFA as a model of how a union with a principled commitment to equity, combined with a willingness to take action, can build the organizational strength to help rebuild the stable workforce that best meets student needs. 

Click here to read Moser’s article in the Chronicle.

For a link to the new book from Vanderbilt University Press (edited by Keith Hoeller), click here.