New book explores “equality for contingent faculty”

Equality for Contingent Faculty

A forthcoming anthology from the Vanderbilt University Press examines the state of contingent faculty and offers ideas – some of which are based on CFA’s past success – on how faculty can fight back.

The lead article in the book is “Organizing for Equality Within the Two-Tier System: The Experience of the California Faculty Association,” and is written by longtime CFA stalwarts Elizabeth Hoffman and John Hess.

That entry focuses on CFA’s successful Unite to Win organizing strategy. 

The anthology – which is entitled Equality for Contingent Faculty – brings together eleven activists from the United States and Canada to describe the problem, share case histories, and offer concrete solutions. The book begins with three accounts of successful organizing efforts within the two-track system.

The second part describes how the two-track system divides the faculty into haves and have-nots and leaves the majority without the benefit of academic freedom or the support of their institutions. The third part offers roadmaps for overcoming the deficiencies of the two-track system and providing equality for all professors, regardless of status or rank.

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