New CFA podcast features conversation with Charmaine Lawson on #Justice4Josiah

In the latest episode of our podcast, Radio Free CSU focuses on the story of David Josiah Lawson, a Humboldt State student who was murdered near campus on April 15, 2017.

To date, his homicide remains unsolved, and we have joined with Josiah Lawson’s family and others in urging Attorney General Xavier Becerra to take over the investigation.

In the podcast, Radio Free CSU host Audrena Redmond talks with Charmaine Lawson, Josiah’s mother, about her son, his journey as a student, and the need to better protect all students in the CSU, especially students of color.

Josiah Lawson, a Criminology and Justice Studies student, was active in the campus community and president of Brothers United, a group that formed as a result of the unsolved murder of a Black Humboldt student, Cory Clark in 2001. The group’s goal was to provide support for Black men in the predominately white institution and white area in which they felt unsupported.

“Once DJ got accepted, I went online and I checked out the archive of what’s going in Humboldt…Where am I sending my son?” she said. “All I saw was positive vibration. There was nothing of concern. But I think I wouldn’t have sent my son to Humboldt if I knew that he was going into a climate of discrimination and microaggression. I would have not done it. But I believe DJ would have still went because he wanted to change the world.”

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CFA and Students for Quality Education are holding a Week of Action Oct. 15-19, which signifies the 18-month anniversary of his death.

At Sacramento State, CFA and SQE on Thursday evening are hosting a showing of “Unsolved Hate,” a documentary that explains the Lawson case and the history and atmosphere in the Arcata community. At CSU Fullerton, SQE has planned a week of activities that include a banner drop, teach-in, vigil, and literature blast.

To view a list of actions by campus, click here.