New CFA podcast sheds light on ways to talk about race and class in America

Inspired by an engaging and instructive discussion at CFA’s August Kickoff, the Radio Free CSU podcast this week focuses on the “Race-Class Narrative to Unite Working People.”

Host Audrena Redmond interviewed Tinselyn Simms, communications coordinator for the SEIU Racial Justice Center, and Anika Fassia of Demos about how racism is being used in our country to divide working people—including white folks, Native people, and people of color—as a tactic to build wealth for an elite few while exacerbating economic inequality.

The conversation also turns to ways to create an alternative narrative, which can be extremely helpful for CFA members who want to talk with others about the need for greater racial and social justice in the CSU and the larger society.

“We have to be talking about race and class together because that is the way SEIU members and working people across the country experience things,” Simms says. “The conversation about race is happening and unless we’re having that conversation too, we’re conceding to the narrative put in place by our opposition.”

The Racial Justice Center, in collaboration with Demos, launched an exploration of how people perceive various ways of talking about the issues in our country.

“How do we talk about it in a way that galvanizes people and brings people closer together to build a powerful movement (for) a livable wage and benefits and the things that our families depend on?”

The special 18-minute podcast is available on the CFA website, and also available on iTunes.