Newly elected CFA Officers & Board take the reins, celebrate VP Kim Geron for his service

As happens every two years, delegates to the CFA Assembly in March elected the nine officers and the various representatives who comprise CFA’s Board of Directors. The new board and officers take the reins on June 1.

This year, Kim Geron (Political Science, East Bay), steps away from service as CFA’s statewide Vice President, a position he’s served in since 2007.

Geron worked on many projects over the years; in particular, with his colleagues from many campuses, he built the power and influence of CFA’s Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus within CFA’s Council for Affirmative Action.

Kim Geron is a key champion and steward of CFA’s Tim Sampson Student Intern program. He will continue his work as the primary faculty liaison with CFA student interns. CFA interns study the skills needed to plan, organize, and lead on social justice and economic issues affecting our public university system from a student’s perspective. Today, the internship program is active on most CSU campuses.

Reflecting on her colleague at the East Bay campus, President Jennifer Eagan says,

“Kim Geron is my close colleague and someone I will always rely on. I don’t know anyone who knows more about labor in California. Though Kim is stepping down, others are stepping up. I am delighted that Charles Toombs will be VP, and that Rafael Gomez is an incoming officer. I am personally fortunate to work with such dedicated and talented people as our officers and board members.”

Charles Toombs, a professor of Africana Studies at San Diego State, is stepping into the role of CFA Vice President.

Rafael Gomez (World Languages & Cultures, Monterey Bay), the incoming Associate Vice President-North, is the latest faculty member to join the roster of CFA officers. Kevin Wehr (Sociology, Sacramento) is now Secretary, Susan Green (History, Chico) continues as Treasurer, Molly Talcott (Sociology, Los Angeles) is now AVP-South, Cecil Canton continues as AVP-Affirmative Action, Leslie Bryan continues as AVP-Lecturers-South, and Jonathan Karpf continues as AVP-Lecturers-North.

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