News from NEA’s national Higher Ed Conference

The theme of the 2014 National Education Association Higher Education Conference on March 14-16 in St. Louis, Missouri was “Activist Scholarship, Social Change, and the Future of Higher Education.”  

Higher education faculty and staff from NEA affiliates discussed a wide range of topics including the challenge of Pearson Ed Teacher Performance Assessment, which is a high stakes, privatized method of assessing the qualification of future teachers that is mandatory in New York and Washington states.

During the conference, National Council for Higher Education members conducted their annual business meeting led by CFA member and NCHE President, Theresa  Montano, a faculty member at CSU Northridge.

A highlight of the conference was a presentation by the faculty of the recently unionized Harris Stowe University in St. Louis, and there discussions of many other topics that have an impact on faculty and staff in higher education.

The conference agreed to endorse and support the campaign “Degrees Not Debt,” a national effort by NEA members, community partners, and allies calling for:

  • An increase in need-based aid
  • More affordable student loans
  • Expanded loan forgivenenss programs to encourage public service careers
  • Increased institutional aid support