Newspapers across the state say ‘No’ on Prop 32

No on Prop 32

Across the state, newspaper editorial boards have joined faculty members and community supporters in opposition to the very deceptive Proposition 32 on the November ballot.

In a piece published on Labor Day in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, CFA Associate Vice President Andy Merrifield and Dee Dee Bridges, President of the League of Women Voters of Sonoma County, wrote an op-ed explaining the dangers of Prop 32.

They wrote, “Labor groups represent education, public safety, public health and the people who work and service both the private and public economy. If these voices of advocacy for good services, good jobs and a healthy California are silenced by Proposition 32, the gains that they fought for may be lost as attacks increase on everything from the eight-hour day, worker safety and public safety to public education and health care.”

Read the Press Democrat op/ed

Elsewhere, San Francisco State faculty member John Logan wrote an op/ed for the San Francisco Chronicle on how Prop 32 was Bad for California and democracy.

Numerous other articles, letters and opinion pieces ran in the last week advising a ‘No’ vote on Prop 32. Here is a sampling: