Newspapers editorialize on exec pay, Chancellor succession

The Sacramento Bee published an editorial this weekend suggesting that change in the top leadership of the CSU offers a genuine opportunity to mend fences and rebuild the university system’s reputation.

But, the paper cautioned, choosing a successor for Chancellor Reed must be handled properly.

“By holding open visits with finalists and offering frugal salary packages, California’s key institutions of higher education can build public trust – instead of undermining it with secrecy and excess,” the Bee Editorialized.

Read the Bee Editorial.

Meanwhile, the Torrance Daily Breeze newspaper – as well as several other publications in its newspaper group – published an editorial taking on the lavish spending on remodeling the residences of CSU executives.

The paper wrote, “When students and their families increasingly feel the squeeze of a bad economy and state funding cuts, it’s a bad time for universities to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to make campus bosses more comfortable.”

Read the Daily Breeze Editorial.