In Other News…

PROTECTING LECTURER JOBS: Last week, CFA’s San Francisco State chapter gathered 1,000 signatures from their fellow faculty members calling for the protection of lecturer jobs during the COVID-19-related recession.

The petition was designed by the chapter as a unifying front for faculty to push back on rumors of cuts and influence the administration to do the right thing and keep jobs. 

In an interview with Golden Gate Xpress, CFA Chapter President James Martell said, “Fifty-six percent of the faculty are lecturer faculty. That becomes this kind of reserved labor pool that, whenever there’s a budget crisis, they just cut a whole bunch of lecturer sections.”

Statewide, CFA has demanded the protection of faculty on temporary contracts, like lecturers. Among the list of demands in CFA’s Fall 2020 Guidelines, officers wrote that “CFA will protect the work of lecturers, counselors, coaches, and librarians, and will scrutinize the order of appointment. The CSU must freeze entitlements, maintain health care benefits, provide equipment like ergonomically sound chairs, laptops, keyboards and other input devices, and internet access that may be more readily available to tenure-track faculty. The CSU must not increase course cap, which will both degrade the quality of education for our students and reduce the number of available sections for faculty employment.”

CFA and its chapters are not alone in this push; the union joins a national conversation to protect lecturer jobs. The Chronicle of Higher Education reported in late April that “[m]ore than 70 scholars are among the initial signatories to an academic-solidarity statement that promises not to accept invitations – for speaking engagements, conferences, and workshops – at institutions that do not include non-tenure-track faculty and graduate workers in extensions of fixed-term contracts.”

FREE, DISCOUNTED INSURANCE BENEFITS STILL AVAILABLE FOR CFA MEMBERS: Open enrollment for member benefits runs through June 19, 2020 for those who want to take advantage of enhanced insurance benefits, available only to CFA members through MetLife. 

The complimentary life insurance provides a $2,000 benefit to loved ones in the event of a member’s death.  The AD&D insurance pays up to $5,000 in benefits to the member or loved ones in the event of a member’s serious injury or death. 

On top of these free benefits, members can also purchase additional life insurance, as well as hospital indemnity, critical illness, and 24-hour accident insurance. CFA sent members various emails the last few weeks with information about the insurance benefits. Review those emails and benefit plan summaries on CFA’s member insurance webpage.

Open enrollment is still active for two-and-a-half weeks.  During this period, members can assign beneficiaries for the two free insurances (life and AD&D), as well as enroll and purchase the extra insurance programs.  Members can do so via phone or online, and benefit coaches will be able to review programs, benefits, eligibility, and cost. 

To enroll and/or schedule an appointment with a benefit coach, visit https://CFA.AppointmentNavigator.com or call 1-877-277-7476.