In Other News…

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: The California Conference of AAUP is weighing in CSU Executive Orders 1100 and 1110, calling them a direct assault on the principles of shared governance and demanding that CSU Chancellor White refrain from taking further action.

The Executive Orders, issued last August, ignited fury amongst faculty and groups, who felt the orders superseded academic freedom and the shared governance process. Executive Order 1100 would cap General Education credits available for students at 48 units maximum, and would mandate that certain GE areas be no more than three units. Executive Order 1110 would eliminate placement tests and remedial English and Math courses.

CFA demanded that CSU management “meet-and-confer” over the two orders, as they directly impact faculty working conditions.

The California Conference of AAUP concurred with CFA’s position, and recently passed a resolution concluding that the orders were, in fact, “issued without appropriate and statutorily required consultation or consideration of faculty governance protocols.”

CA-AAUP, along with the Academic Senate of the California State University and eighteen of the CSU campus senates, is calling for immediate rescission or, barring that, delay in implementing the orders. The broader AAUP also sent a letter to Chancellor White last week enumerating its position that White hold the orders in abeyance.

The CSU Statewide Academic Senate has responded and the AAUP will continue to monitor the situation.

DREAMERS TAKE ACTION: Many DACA-recipients and supporters held actions throughout the country as the March 5 DACA deadline imposed by the Trump Administration this week was rendered void by court rulings.

SEIU is among those urging Congress to pass a clean #DreamAct now:

In the meantime, waivers can be renewed and those who have them are advised to renew them.

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