In Other News

LAYOFFS AT FULLERTON: Fourteen CSU Fullerton faculty in the American Language Program have received layoff notices, and CFA is fighting back. ALP and similar programs at 20 of the 23 CSU campuses conduct English-language orientation classes for students from other countries to ease their way into the CSU. The programs are “self-supported” rather than “state-supported,” meaning the students pay in full, and at Fullerton it was profitable until about a year ago.

While ALP started losing money last year, CFA leaders note that campus management is not clear on why that happened. “Our proposal was to create a labor-management committee to study which ALP practices are working on other campuses and give the program the chance of another year to recover,” said Jason Conwell, CFA Representation Specialist. Nevertheless, CSU management elected to send out layoff notices. CFA and campus management meet again on the issue in early April. Read a report in the campus newspaper.