In Other News

BARGAINING CONTINUES ON INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND ACADEMIC FREEDOM: CFA’s Bargaining Team met again with management to continue discussions about Intellectual Property and Academic Freedom. As part of the agreement to extend the contract last year, CFA and CSU management had agreed to discuss these issues prior to bargaining the next faculty contract in Fall 2019. 

In fractious times, faculty are concerned about protecting our rights to Academic Freedom under the contract. Management has, in the past two years, expressed interest in changes to Intellectual Property rights in the University. If CFA and management cannot come to agreement on both issues, status quo language will remain for both.

Look to our Contract & Bargaining News page for updates, and/or email the bargaining team at bargainingideas@calfac.org.

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CFA SAYS ‘BE WELL. DO GOOD WORK. KEEP IN TOUCH’ Changes to public higher education don’t take the summer off, so it’s important to stay in touch. From Trustees meetings at the Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach, to state funding debates in Sacramento and Dept of Education turmoil in Washington DC, it behooves us all to be up to date when we return for the new academic year. Here are some of the ways: